I’ve always loved October. It’s just before everyone gets in holiday mode and Pumpkin Spice is literally everywhere.(Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew is my favvvorite) 

It’s also Halloween, a time where I get to play and create fun looks using makeup for clients and myself.

I don’t know about you, but I always have the intention of creating a really fun/exciting Halloween costume , but time seems to always gets away from me. 
In the spirit of working ahead, I started collecting Halloween inspiration in my Halloween Beauty Pinterest board and thought it would be perfect to share with YOU. I focused on saving looks that were great for last minute ideas or looks that can easily be incorporated with any costume. 
My biggest tip and takeaway for the season is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Let stickers, adhesives, jewelry or wigs do the heavy lifting. (See Pinterest board for examples)
Click here to check out my Halloween Beauty Pinterest board

Even if your staying at home (the theme of 2020) it’s still fun to get creative.

Trick or Treat Yo’self. 

Although this costume doesn’t involve makeup or hair styling, this was one of my all time favorite halloween costumes!

**Group costumes are ALWAYS a great idea**




Do you have random blemishes & breakouts?
Unless you’re blessed by the skin gods, we all do!
Under the impression that breakouts were suppose to stop once we hit our twenties?
I think we all did.
There are MANY causes to why you could be having a major break out, but here are some of the most common that get overlooked.

Here are 12 reasons why you’re breaking out and what you can change.

  • Touching your face. This is sometimes a subconscious motion you don’t even realize your doing. It can easily lead to breakouts especially if you’re acne-prone.
Girl touching face
  • – Dirty Brushes (Especially FOUNDATION/concealing brushes!) Liquids and creams harbor bacteria within a brush. Use clean fingers to blend instead.
  • – Towels (Switch to paper towels) I use VIVA paper towels They are smooth, absorbent and break off in the half sizes.
  • – New medications- This can be easily overlooked because when taking a new medication. New chemicals in your body can easily take care of one problem while creating another.
  • – Not cleansing your skin properly (Using harsh cleansers/exfoliants on breakouts) I recommend gentle milk cleansers for ALL skin types. This milk cleanser from fresh will dissolve makeup and dirt from the skin without stripping it’s hydration.
  • – Not washing your skin in the morning. Toxins are being released through the night. If you are not washing your face in the morning you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  • – Powder puffs/ powder compacts- If you have a small blemish and use your powder puff to add coverage, it now harbors that same bacteria and may be spreading it on the rest of your face.
  • – Pregnancy/ hormonal changes
  • – Dirty Pillowcases. Flip your pillow over, turn it inside out and switch it out. Bacteria transfers and can be easily held in Cotton. Flip & switch out your pillow case, especially if you tend to sleep on your sides.
  • – The order of how you conceal. Conceal blemishes LAST! Once you touch that blemish with a brush or your fingers, you are spreading it to the next place you go to conceal.
  • – Backed up Colon. AKA not pooping enough. There are many ways to add probiotics into your routine. Find a way that is best for you.
  • – Starting your makeup without washing your hands. Think about it, your hands touch MANY things, ALWAYS wash before starting your makeup.
Beauty Close up, 12 reasons why you're breaking out

What are the top 3 reasons you may be breaking out AND what are you going to change?




“You look tired”

The cringe worthy statement we’ve all heard and probably said at least once in our lifetime.
Basically another way of telling someone they look like sh*+ without saying they look like sh*+.
The truth is, of course you’re effing tired!
You’re probably working/running your own business, maintaining a personal life, living that family life, AND trying to lose 10lbs all at the same time.
The LAST thing you want to hear is “you look tired.”
The good news is that by using the right products in the right placements you’ll hear less of the “you look tired” comments and…
Well, the goal is to not hear “you look tired”.

Here are 5 ways to look less tired!

– Redness reliever eye drops. ← eyedrops go a LOONNNG way!! Personal Favorite is by Lumify.
– Highlighting- (When I say highlighting I don’t mean shimmer disco ball from across the room)
    – There are 3 main placements on the face that I specifically target with concealer that make a WORLD of a difference when it comes to looking tired. (Subscribe on my homepage to receive your freebie face chart for a breakdown

– Conceal your eye lid. The skin tone on your lid has discoloration too. For all my girls that don’t wear eyeshadow this is a quick fix, just make sure you set it with a loose powder.
– Use a flesh toned eyeliner in the inner lower lash line. Pro trick- Apply, then soften with a Q-tip. NYX wonder pencil work wonders () and comes in 3 different shades.
– Try a bright bold lip. Dragon Girl by Nars is a personal fav. It really gives me life when I’m looking for something quick. (Stay away from cool toned lipsticks on these extra tired days.)

If your tired of being told you look tired let me see some hands, and if you have another beauty trick to look less tired please share in the comments below!

5 WAYS TO LOOK LESS TIRED Bride holding wedding dress
Natural sunkissed Beauty 5 WAYS TO LOOK LESS TIRED