makeup artist #1 question

To my surprise, the moment people know I do makeup for brides, the #1 question I get asked about weddings is…

“Do you get “BRIDEZILLAS”?

The short answer is no.

But let me tell you why, because I literally have THE BEST brides!

Talent and artistry is of course, important. However, I believe it all goes into connection, communication and the ability to be flexible. “The biggest way to be flexible is being prepared.”
With all weddings, preparation is key. Here are a few reasons why “bridezillas” don’t exist in my world.


A trial is always a MUST! It allows time to connect, vibe and most importantly create a rad & personalized look. I like to start with scheduling a call. That way we can determine if we are a good fit working with each other. After that, I suggest taking a look at your calendar to see if you have any special events coming up to have your makeup and/or hair done. Once we schedule a trial, it’s important to find inspiration images of MU&H that you like. I’ve been creating Pinterest boards full of beauty inspirations for years, take a look if you need more direction in your search.


There are so many moving parts to a wedding. Knowing who needs to be where at a certain time makes everything come together seamlessly. If you are interested in scheduling a call to learn more about my bridal process, I would love to chat with you! scheduling

Payment deadlines

Who wants to handle money on their wedding day? <– no-one. Collecting final payment prior to the wedding is a MUST.

I require final payment completed one week prior to the wedding in one final sum from the bride. I currently accept payments via PayPal, VENMO and for special circumstances SQUARE.

To see more of my bridal work, please check out my site at

I honestly LOVE doing weddings, and am SO grateful I get to expierence being apart one these woman lives.

First Look with gorgeous bridal party at Rancho Valencia.
Coordinated by Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings and Photographed by The Youngrens. 
Makeup by Meagan Brown
Bridal Party toast at L'Aberge Del Mar
Photographed by Taylor Abeel 
Makeup by Meagan Brown
Hair by Audra Rene

What is YOUR #1 question about weddings?