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Daily Makeup
Beauty for Zoom
Makeup Audit 
Customized to you

Customize your virtual lesson based on your needs. Whether you choose to focus on creating your own style or choosing from the listed topics, you will leave your lesson feeling excited and empowered about your makeup application.
This lesson includes: 
- Pre-lesson questionnaire (must be filled prior to our call)
How to clean your brushes (video) 
Makeup Audit & Recommendations
Steps to up-level your makeup routine.

Single virtual Makeup Lessons

1hr | 1-on-1

You and me, 1-on-1 discussing your specific features, skin type, what products you should be using and how to create a style you'll love.
This lesson includes:
How to clean your brushes (video)  
Makeup Audit (Virtual call)
Product recommendations 
2.5 hr Makeup Lesson

1-on-1 In person makeup lesson

2.5 hr | 
**Travel may apply**

Lesson options: 
Zoom meetings
Natural- everyday
All about eyes
Day to night
Mens grooming 

This natural- everyday makeup lesson will teach you techniques on how to create a daily “natural you”. 
We focus on what makeup you need and how to create a quick daily look that makes you look your best without looking overdone. 

Natural-Everyday/No Makeup, 
Makeup look

This is lesson is solely focused on how to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape, eye angle and eye spacing. 

***Natural/everyday makeup lesson is recommended before taking this lesson.

All about eyes

Learn how to achieve a “finished look” using minimal time and makeup. You'll understand how to quickly and efficiently bump up your makeup from day to night without starting from scratch.

Special occasion

When it comes to men, it's important that makeup isn't recognizable but evens out the skin tone and helps control shine. 
For men, keeping it simple is rule #1. 

Men's grooming